Ranching For Profit Workshop Opportunities

Do you want to make your ranch more profitable with less work and stress? If so, make plans to attend one or both of two upcoming Ranching for Profit workshop opportunities to be held in this area. Billed as a learning experience like none offered before, these workshops are designed to provide ranchers with someContinue reading “Ranching For Profit Workshop Opportunities”

Hybrid rye – a grain for backgrounding beef calves

Source: https://www.ndsu.edu/agriculture/ag-hub/impact-stories/hybrid-rye-grain-backgrounding-beef-calves Oct 24, 2022 You can mark 2022 as a year that Mother Nature let us swiftly harvest crops in the fall and not out of a snow bank in December. With the flush of harvest being done, many cattle producers are deciding whether to wean calves and sell off the cow, condition themContinue reading “Hybrid rye – a grain for backgrounding beef calves”

Dakota Gardener: Your lawn mower scares trees

The mower is one of the leading killers of trees in yards, parks and orchards. By Tom Kalb, Horticulturist NDSU Extension Shark Week in America is coming. We can watch horror stories of people getting attacked by sharks all week on television. Imagine yourself alone in a swimming pool. A trap door in the poolContinue reading “Dakota Gardener: Your lawn mower scares trees”

ND farm sees ‘tremendous’ gains with NRCS irrigation aid, advice

Working with the Natural Resources Conservation Service to update their irrigation “improved our farm tremendously,” says Vickie Schilling, of Cartwright, N.D. The family  increased their crop yields, cut the amount of water used, reduced labor costs and made it easier to run their farm and an oil field business at the same time. Vickie farms withContinue reading “ND farm sees ‘tremendous’ gains with NRCS irrigation aid, advice”

Supplemental Forage Production Likely Needed for 2022

Moisture conditions have improved across much of the state when compared to this time a year ago. Based on the US Drought Monitor for North Dakota, last year at the beginning of March, the entire state was abnormally dry with over 68 percent of the state considered to be in severe drought. This year, onlyContinue reading “Supplemental Forage Production Likely Needed for 2022”

Intercropping Workshop Videos

If you were unable to attend the January 26th workshop at the Williston Research Extension Center on “Introduction to Intercropping” or if you did attend, but would like to review any of the presentations, the workshop was recorded. Recordings of the entire workshop can be found here:   If you haven’t already filled out their surveys, AudreyContinue reading “Intercropping Workshop Videos”

Ecosystem Services and Upcoming Soil Health Workshop

One of the questions producers are starting to ask is if there is money to be made with soil health, carbon sequestration, and other ecosystem services. There is a complex relationship between humans and the environment. Humans influence the environment and the environment provides humans with benefits, such as clean air, clean water, a stableContinue reading “Ecosystem Services and Upcoming Soil Health Workshop”

NRCS helps Burke County farmers go on the offense against soil salinity

The Natural Resources Conservation Service field office in Burke County, N.D., has had some good luck halting the spread of saline areas in cropland. Burke County has about 425,000 acres of cropland. Nearly every quarter of ground has some sort of saline problem; sometimes it covers as much as 20% of a field, says MarkContinue reading “NRCS helps Burke County farmers go on the offense against soil salinity”

January 20th Soil Health Workshop and Williams County Ag Improvement Meeting

Farmers and ranchers in the MonDak area are invited to participate in a soil health workshop on Thursday, January 20. The workshop, which is being sponsored by the Williams County Soil Conservation District, Natural Resources Conservation Service, NDSU Extension Williams County, and the Williams County Ag Improvement Association, will begin at 9:00 am at theContinue reading “January 20th Soil Health Workshop and Williams County Ag Improvement Meeting”

Northern solution: Interseeded cover crop produces extra forage

In far northern North Dakota, Jason Overby is growing extra forage for his cattle by interseeding cover crops with forage barley. Overby, Mohall, N.D., mixes hairy vetch, clover, turnip and forage barley seed together and no-till plants them all at the same time in late May or early June. All the seed germinates together, butContinue reading “Northern solution: Interseeded cover crop produces extra forage”