Intercropping Workshop Videos

If you were unable to attend the January 26th workshop at the Williston Research Extension Center on “Introduction to Intercropping” or if you did attend, but would like to review any of the presentations, the workshop was recorded. Recordings of the entire workshop can be found here:  

If you haven’t already filled out their surveys, Audrey Kalil, plant pathologist at the WREC and one of the organizers of the workshop asks that you please do so.  Information from these surveys is important to them to be able to demonstrate the value of this programming and obtain funding for future research and extension efforts focused on intercropping.

Before watching the first video of the four video series, please fill out their pre-workshop survey using the link below. This will help them collect baseline data about current understanding and attitudes towards intercropping. It should only take 2-3 minutes.

NDSU Intercropping Pre-workshop Survey

After watching the last video, please fill out the post workshop survey using the link below.  This will help them determine if any understanding or attitude change occurred because of the workshop. The survey is identical to the one above, so please make sure to use the correct link.

NDSU Intercropping Post-workshop Survey

Should you have any question, please contact Audrey at the WREC at 701-774-4315.

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