Blacktail Dam Project

Introduction to Blacktail

Blacktail Dam is a 155 acre recreational reservoir in Williams County, North Dakota. The Dam has a singular boat landing on the south side and is heavily bordered by homes and camping areas. The Blacktail Dam watershed is a nearly 17,500 acre drainage basin consisting primarily of agricultural fields and native grassland/pasture. The monitoring of water quality in Blacktail Dam is essential to ensure the safety of individuals utilizing the waterbody for recreation and its ability to support various fish and wildlife species.

Preliminary Water Testing

As many of you might have seen through our Facebook page, as well as the Williston   Herald, the District has been collecting water samples on Blacktail Dam for the past 2 years. These samples, look at the levels of nitrogen, phosphates, and bacteria in the water.  Samples are collected bi-monthly and then sent to the Bismarck lab. The Grant for this project ends in September of this year and results will hopefully become available at the start of the next year. For more information checkout the article.

***Photo credits: Mitch Melberg from the Williston Herald***