Soil Health

Our Commitment to Soil Health

Healthy soils are needed for resilient crop production and supporting our ecosystem that is why soil health is so important to us. We are the stewards of the land. The land is a farmer’s most valuable asset and with healthy soils we can set the pace for future generations.

Soil health demonstrations, field tours, workshops, and seminars on soil health are available throughout the region.

  • County Soil Conservation Districts
  • NRCS Office
  • NDSU Extension and Research Centers
  • Southwest ND Soil Health Demonstration


Soil Sense Podcast

Hosted by Tim Hammerich

A collaboration of farmers, agricultural researchers, agronomists, consultants, and extension agents who discuss what’s working and what’s not working in soils.


Various soil health webinars are available on NDSU’s website. Click the link below to explore!

SD Soil Health Coalition

  • Soil Health Assessment Card
  • Grazing Cover Crops Worksheet
  • South Dakota Healthy Soils Handbook
  • Youth Soil Health Resources

Soil Advocate

Awakening people to the possibilities of regeneration.