U.S. Forest Service

The North Dakota Forest Service (NDFS) offers technical and financial assistance to private landowners to restore, protect, and enhance planted or native trees.

Many planted shelterbelts and farmstead windbreaks in North Dakota are deteriorating due to age or disease and are no longer functional.

ND Forest Service can assist landowners in assessing their windbreak condition and providing a written plan for renovating the windbreak to restore functionality.

  • Tree Identification
  • Identify tree issues and provide solutions
  • Windbreak/Shelterbelt Assessment


ND Forest Service offers cost-share to implement the plan.

Applications for cost share will be
reviewed, ranked, and approved or denied based on funds available.

Project Elgibility

If the project is eligible, a forester or technician will work with the landowner to develop a Windbreak Renovation Plan.

There is no cost for this service and no obligation for the landowner to implement the plan.


The landowner will have two years to complete the windbreak renovation as described in the Windbreak Renovation Plan.

Forest Stewardship