Outdoor Heritage Fund

Tree and Shrub Planting:

  • Need to be a private property landowner
  • Covers 75% of the actual costs, not to exceed 10% above approved estimate

Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.

Gary Snyder

Some District & Applicant Requirements:

  • District will cover 75% of the actual total cost of the project as submitted by the represented CONS-4 plan on file.
    • Not to exceed 10% above the approved estimated cost of the project submitted on the agreement.
  • North Dakota Conservation District Employees Association (NDCDEA) will provide practice installation costs following completion of the practice to the SCD vendor on behalf of the landowner.
  • Complete Project Funds Confirmation and Reimbursement forms.
  • Inspection of the project and certified by a SCD authorized representative.
  • ND Outdoor Heritage Fund will NOT cover hand plants for planting failure due to species or weather conditions.
  • Applicant will properly prepare the site for practice installation.
  • Applicant will provide access to the site area for SCD authorized representatives.
  • Maintain the practice during the term of the agreement.
  • Protect the site from burning, domestic livestock grazing, and proper weed maintenance.
  • Provide timely notification if contract is to become null and void due to cancellation.
  • Written documentation must be provided for contract to be considered for termination or any extension to be granted.
  • Applicant has the option to display an Outdoor Heritage signage acknowledging conservation practice installed.