District Cost Share

Helping you conserve the land, $1 at a time.

Providing financial assistances for natural resource improvements within Williams County
  • Re-evaluated every year and may not be available year to year
  • Available for private sector landowners
  • Funding is limited to $10,000 per applicant in a 5 year period
  • Design standards and specifications will follow NRCS where applicable
  • Only on the ground projects are eligible (studies and research projects will be at the boards discretion)

Some District & Applicant Requirements:

  • District will provide technical assistance, conservation planning, standards and specifications, and supervision to assist the applicant in developing and installing cost-share practices.
  • District will reimburse the applicant for installation of approved cost-share practices. Costs are based on FY NRCS payment schedule, not to exceed set maximum costs allowed per practice (per NRCS payment schedule) or $5,000.
  • Applicant follows cost-share practices and comply with District objectives, technical standards, and specifications developed.
  • Applicant maintains all cost-share practices for the life of each practice put into effect.
  • Applicant will allow the District and/or their representative to conduct an on-site review or inspection of approved work on the applicant’s property in his/her presence or, if necessary when he/she is not available, following notification of the property owner or their representative.
  • Applicant will contact the District when the installation of cost-share practices begin and when the practice is completed.
  • Applicant will retain all receipts for costs of materials and labor. Applicant will also turn in all paid receipts to the District prior to reimbursement.
  • All contract items must be completed one year from the awarded date.
  • Failure to maintain cost-share practices by the applicant for the life of that practice will result in repayment of that portion of the cost-share funds remaining for the life of the practice.