Staff Members

Molly Jugovic
District Manager

Molly joined the Soil Conservation District in 2018 as a District Technician and has been the District Manager since early 2020. Her role for the Soil Conservation District is assisting producers with plans and programs, ensuring programs are followed, organize tree plantings, social media and public information, and managing personnel.

Molly was born and raised on a small family farm in Illinois. She earned her Bachelors degree in Environmental Studies.

Desiree Novotny
District Clerk

Desi joined the Soil Conservation District December of 2020 as the District Clerk. Her role for the Soil Conservation District is financials, HR, assist with social media and public information, and assist the district manager with Spring/Summer tree sales and any other items that come up.

Desi was born and raised in a small town in SE North Dakota. Moved to Alaska after graduating high school in 2006 and earned her Bachelors degrees in Business Mgmt and Global Logistics & Supply Chain Mgmt. After spending 6 years in Alaska she made her way back to ND. Her experience is in ag, electrical, and oilfield industries.

David Telck
Equipment Manager

David joined the Soil Conservation District in September of 2020 as the Equipment Manager. David’s role is to conduct equipment maintenance and repair, assist with equipment rental programs, and coordinate/conduct custom seeding operations.

David is originally from Colorado, but has been working in the Williston area for the past 8 years. In 2019, his family decided to make Williams County home.

Keith Brown
Soil Health & Cropping Systems Specialist

Keith joined the Soil Conservation District on a part-time basis in January of 2019 as the District’s Soil Health and Cropping Systems Specialist.

Prior to joining the District, Keith worked for the NDSU Extension Service starting as an Associate Extension Agent in Burleigh County in 1985 and assuming responsibilities as Divide County Extension Agent in 1987. He served in that capacity until taking advantage of the opportunity to semi-retire in 2016.

During the years Keith served as the Divide County Extension Agent, a primary focus of many of the programs conducted for agricultural producers was the adoption of conservation tillage systems to reduce soil erosion, improve soil health, and the integration of crop rotations to improve sustainability. At the same time, he was also instrumental in introducing pulse crops to producers and helping to develop the pulse crop industry in North Dakota.

Keith is originally from Baldwin, ND and grew up on the family farm located approximately 30 miles northeast of Bismarck. After graduating from Wing High School, he attended North Dakota State University in Fargo where he earned his Bachelors degree in Agricultural Mechanization.