Welcome to the Williams County Soil Conservation District

COVID-19 UPDATE: We are open to the public via appt. downtown and open to the public at our Tree Shed. Please call 701-572-6729 Ext. 3 (Downtown Office) or 701-774-2319 (Tree Shed) or e-mail for any questions or concerns.

“A Change in Climate”

Supplement to The Journal & Tioga Tribune

  • Cloud Seeding
  • Intercropping
  • Carbon Credit

Gettin’ Down to the Nitty Gritty

Soil Health and Habitat Program

Pheasants Forever has created a new Soil Health and Habitat Program. This program is focused in the prairie pothole region with the goal to rebuild soil organic matter, sequester carbon, increase water infiltration and provide quality wildlife habitat on the least productive cropland acres while simultaneously improving profitability and sustainability. Application sign-up began August 23,Continue reading “Soil Health and Habitat Program”


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