Planting Do’s & Don’ts

Trees save us money, enhance our lives, and stop erosion–but many of North Dakota’s trees are old and dying.

It’s time to plant replacement trees.

Why Plant Trees?

The right tree in the right place can provide:

  • Wind protection
  • Savings on heating and cooling costs
  • Beauty
  • Privacy
  • Income
  • Wildlife habitat
  • Protection from wildfires
  • Snow control
  • Dust control

It’s important to know what trees will work in what space, and how to plant them so they will thrive and provide the benefits you want.


  • Contact us to help you plan
  • Match your trees to your land
  • Contact your local utility company
  • Call ND One-Call (811) before you dig
  • Locate trees away from overhead power lines
  • Keep trees at least 50ft away from septic drain fields
  • Plant trees where they will receive full sun for several hours a day
  • Water trees
  • Cultivate
  • Apply herbicides
  • Mulch
  • Fence/stake trees
  • Apply repellents
  • Keep up on maintenance of the planting area and trees
  • Consider the following:
    • Soil
    • Species
    • Orientation to area needing protection
    • Width and density of windbreak


  • Don’t plant near grasses, weeds, or existing woody cover–the new trees will compete with existing trees for soil and nutrients
  • Don’t ignore setback and easement restrictions
  • Don’t plant large varieties of trees In small spaces or near structures
  • Don’t choose a tree to plant based on how fast it grows
  • Don’t overdo on fertilization and watering

Strengthening Our Roots