Farm to Table Event


The 2nd Annual Farm to Table Dinner was a success!  This was our first year involved with the event and we hope to be a part of it for years to come!  We partnered with the Williston Area Chamber of Commerce Agriculture Committee.  We chose to bring in speakers to strengthen our educational outreach.  The event is designed to increase awareness and education about the importance of the local agriculture industry and its products to the broader Williston community.  We highlighted crops grown in the Mon-Dak region as well as the livestock industry by incorporating them into the meal. This was done to educate the public about how farming and ranching is right on their doorstep.  We want everyone to know the process of “Farm to Table”.  Education on how the crops are grown in fields, harvested, and then processed to make food and drinks on our tables is very important to us.  There are some who think they’re food comes from a grocery store.  They may not truly understand the whole process of how it gets to the store, who is involved, or how much is sacrificed so they have those foods available to them.

The idea was to bring rural and urban residents together to understand and educate one another.  The relationship between the two is the foundation for a successful community.