Soil Health and Habitat Program

Pheasants Forever has created a new Soil Health and Habitat Program. This program is focused in the prairie pothole region with the goal to rebuild soil organic matter, sequester carbon, increase water infiltration and provide quality wildlife habitat on the least productive cropland acres while simultaneously improving profitability and sustainability.

Application sign-up began August 23, 2021 and will be accepted on a continuous basis. Online applications can be completed at: .

The Soil Health and Habitat Program includes perennial wildlife habitat consisting of grasses and wildflowers designed by PF biologists. For the perennial wildlife habitat, the program will provide seed and establishment cost not to exceed $150/acre based off actual receipts along with a $250 per acre one-time sign-up incentive. For cover crops, the program will provide $20 per acre for cover crop seed.

For more information and details on the program, contact Joey Rasco, North Dakota Precision Ag & Conservation Specialist with Pheasants Forever at 636-295-1398 or email:

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